Improved Quality of Life

step1Step 1: The Best Medicine

We carefully hand-select the medicine used in our products, selecting only the finest strains. From the famous California regions of Humboldt and Mendocino counties to local farms, we support only quality growers known for taking pride in their craft.

Step 2: Make It Perfect

Each strain of cold-water hash is produced in-house by our own artisan hash technician, formulated in small batches using the finest equipment. Our all-natural process provides the purest hash available and NEVER involves butane.

20060727042110_glasswareStep 3: Testing 1 2 3

We test each step of the way, thoroughly monitoring each product, ensuring you a most pleasant experience, time after time.

step4Step 4: Ingredients

Great taste starts with the finest ingredients. Our bakers select only the finest ingredients, from real butter to organic produce, without alcohol, butane or “cannabutter.”

PB NUTRITIONStep 5: Just the Facts, Ma’am!

Our commitment to quality is top priority. All our products are strain-specific. Each package is labeled with the facts so that you can make the best-educated decision.

gallery4Step 6: Fresh, fresh, fresh!

We stay fresh! Each edible is marked with a “best by” date so you may eat or freeze your purchase with confidence.

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